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Did You Know You Can Cook with Your Dishwasher?

by Cathy Carr

A white plate of salmon filets.

You never thought there would be a day in your life that something like this could happen. You never thought it was possible. But, it’s true. It’s completely possible to cook actual food in your dishwasher. Why you would ever do that is questionable, but we’re not here to judge. We’re just here to explain how dishwashers are so innovative, that not only can these machines clean, they can cook your food like nobody’s business.

If you look at the basics, cooking in your dishwasher really isn’t too different from cooking in your oven. Minus the soap and water, you get an insulated box with a heating element – just like an oven.

Although we haven’t done this ourselves - so we can’t vouch for its tastiness - there are actually some really innovative meals that can come out of one. We get that it’s feeling a little like opposite day, but if your range ever breaks down and you really need an oven, your dishwasher is the perfect substitute. If you get extra curious about how food can cook in a dishwasher, try making one of these yummy suppers in the yours for a pleasant and unusual surprise.

1.       Salmon Cycle

You’ll never look at a Salmon dinner the same way when you understand just how easy it is to cook one in your dishwasher. It’s a dish that can easily go wrong if cooked too long at too high of a temperature in your oven. But, just by simply putting your fish in a sealed container or zip lock bag with lemon and herbs of your liking, and running a normal wash cycle, your salmon will come out perfect every time. Although your fishy meal is covered, try not too think too much about Salmon being around your dishware.

2.       Vegetable Vigor

When you’re cooking, don’t forget to throw some vegetables into the mix! Of course, we aren’t suggesting that you throw your green beans all willy-nilly into an open dishwasher. We advise that you put your vegetable of choice in a mason jar and ensure that it’s tightly sealed.

Generally, most dishwashers get anywhere from 140-160 degrees, which will not only destroy grime, but it will cook your food nicely, while retaining the flavor and nutrients of your vegetables. It’s a mad, mad world.

3.       Lasagna Load

If you thought cooking in your dishwasher couldn’t get any stranger, you’ll be surprised to know a full tray of lasagna can be made in one. After you grab your grandma’s family-famous recipe and assemble it together in all its layers, finish it up by wrapping it securely in aluminum foil. Make sure there are no holes or openings where water could seep through, otherwise this could quickly turn into the grossest lasagna you’ve ever had. Let your dishwasher run for at least two normal cycles and a heated dry cycle so that your lasagna cooks perfectly all the way through.


It’s not every day you make food in your dishwasher, but it’s always nice knowing what your appliances are capable of. If your dishwasher is needing an update, and not just because it’s not cooking food very well, come by our store today! We’ll help you find the dishwasher from your favorite name brand that will clean your dishes – and even cook your food - with a powerful heat!